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Bland Diet
For dogs with diarrhea and/or ones who are vomiting (throwing up, puking) or do not want to eat.

Why is a bland diet needed? We have all at one time or another, experienced the pain and discomfort of an upset stomach. Sometimes we may have diarrhea or bouts of vomiting or both, which is pure misery.

The first thing a vet will try to do is get the stomach quieted so as to be able to accept fluids, which is necessary for proper functioning of internal organs. If an adequate intake of fluids is not possible, dehydration (loss of body fluids) will occur, which if not corrected, will cause death. Thus, a bland diet is needed. Rehydrate your dog

A dog's upset stomach is similar to ours in that his stomach when upset for prolonged periods, also needs complete rest for twenty four hours or more to ward off dehydration.

It is important that immediate care be taken to prevent this situation from becoming critical. In some cases a dog may not be able to drink water without vomiting it out. If your dog is experiencing this problem, offer small amounts of water (use good judgment according to size, such as giving a teaspoon full for petite dogs or a tablespoon full for the larger breeds) every 15 minutes or so.

If he is able to contain the water, gradually increase the amounts offered over the next few hours until his thirst is satisfied. If you wish, give clear liquids such as chicken broth or a little Jell-O.

After at least 12 hours, when your dog's thirst has been satisfied, you may begin giving small amounts of food.

A bland diet may consist of

One and a half cups of cooked white rice with one half cup of cooked chicken or turkey meat (no grease, no skin). Boiled or baked potato may be substituted for the rice.

Bland foods include

1/3 meat

  • Cooked meats that are very low in fat such as chicken (you can also boil hamburger, which will remove all the fat)

2/3 rice or other bland grain

  • Cottage Cheese

  • White Rice (some will do better on cooked oatmeal)

  • Do not add any oils or fats to the diet at this point

To the bland food, add

Yogurt 1-3 tablespoons per meal (yogurt is soothing but does not really provide any significant beneficial bacteria.... see our information about Lactobacillus sporogenes)

Provide a Probiotic. We recommend Lactobacillus Sporgenes.

Boiled Sweet Potato: 2-4 tablespoons

Consider giving Gastriplex if your dog has repeated bouts.

Take your dog to a competent vet if your dog is

  • Acting very sick.
  • Lethargic.
  • Shows signs of bloating or abdominal pain.
  • Feverish (Rectal temperatures above 103.5 degrees F).
  • Dehydrated. One way to try to decide if a dog is dehydrated is to feel his gums. If they feel dry or tacky, he may be dehydrated.
  • Vomiting persistently.
  • Passing large amounts of blood in his stool.

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