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While your intentions may be to follow-up on that good advice, "Up jumps life and gets in the way". Money may be an issue (let's not go there), pressing family obligations may complicate the matter or the fact that a vet does not come but once a month to your area are all valid reasons for not taking Phideaux to the vet but hey, we're not here to judge. What we are here for is to help your dog when he needs help. 

K911 ~the only number your dog needs to know!

Our 30+ years of caring for our own dogs has given us much insight on behavioral, medical and general issues that we happily share with others.

Our service is free. Free does not mean inferior, it simply means we do not charge for our service. Fees and/or membership are neither expressed nor implied.

"Ask the Dog" covers a wide variety of topics common to many dog owners.

Topic: Vet Prescribed Drugs

Prior to medicating your dog, is your vet informing you of the possible side effects?

Ex: Antibiotic & Steroid Dangers

A qualified vet will have no problem  helping you weigh the risks and benefits associated with prescribed medication prior to it's use. Symptoms to watch for and steps to take should your dog suffer a negative reaction should also be discussed.

The drug Previcox (firocoxib), prescribed for arthritis and distributed worldwide, has had both favourable and negative outcomes. Merial, the makers of Previcox recommend the prescribed dosage @ 2.27mg/lb (5.0 mg/kg) body weight once daily. It is not recommended for dogs weighing less than 12.5 lbs (5.67kg) as they cannot be accurately dosed. Unfortunately, many dogs have been overdosed with devastating consequences as the attending vet was unaware of the actual suggested dosage by the manufacturer. 

The animal care industry is a multi-billion dollar industry fueled by brilliant advertising campaigns, aggressive marketers, scare tactics and even pressure from respected professionals. Vets are routinely urged to administer the latest drugs to their clients, often without knowing all the risks themselves. Pet owners are bombarded with more drugs than ever before, making it seem as if prescription drugs are the only choice for our pets but can too many drugs actually be harming them?

FDA approves dangerous new antidepressant drug for dogs

Topic: Spaying and Neutering

What is the appropriate age to spay or neuter your dog? When might this surgery pose a danger? You may be surprised at what new data reveals:  Risks and Benefits

Topic: When A Dog Goes Missing

 'Lost black dog wearing red collar.' Flyers posted with such information are useless! Informative posters increase your chances of being reunited with your dog!

Drivers have 5 seconds to read a poster, make it count!


Write Your Mobile Number on Your Pet's Collar! 

Identification tags can easily be caught on underbrush and lost even though the collar remains intact. A dog running lose with no identification may be viewed as either a stray or a castoff. By and large in our society, strays do not fare well. Simply writing your cell phone number on your pet's collar increases his chances of being returned. 

Our personal experience when on holiday with our dogs is as follows. We allowed them to run in a vacant field as they had done numerous times before. Their romp usually lasted 10-15 minutes. This particular time though, they did not return. Because their collars were clearly marked in large fonts with our cell phone number, they were returned within the hour.

Don't let your dog become another LOST statistic! See how helpful our advice is?  We have many great tips available, so share with others if you think they too will benefit from our information. March 8, 2014

Thanks for stopping by! ~Mel

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